Catching Octopus to use as Bait

Catching Octopus to use as Bait

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If you are a fisherman octopus is great bait for many types of fish. There are of course also many tasty recipes for preparing octopus.

The best time to catch octopus is at low tide. What you are looking for is rocky pools with lots of food for the octopus. It also helps if there are some sandy bits nearby.

Octopuses can change colour and they like to stay in cracks and under rocks. So while there may be many octopuses around you may never actually see them.

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Octopuses have beaks, not unlike parrots. If they get into the right position they can give you a nasty bite. Although octopus bites are rare you should wear gloves when catching them and try to be careful.

Legislation on what you are allowed to use to catch octopus

varies. The best tool to use is a gaff with an attached homemade lure.  The lure should look like a small red octopus. Red is their angry color. When you jiggle the lure next to a crack, with an octopus in it, it will probably try to grab onto the lure.  Then you try to get it with the gaff. They aren’t as effective, but I have seen simple lures that weren’t red, made from plastic bags.

In places where you can’t use lures or gaffs, you just use a stick. You jiggle the stick around promising looking rocks and you see if an octopus comes out, to investigate. You can also feel underneath rocks with a stick. What you are looking to feel is a soft spot. Then you pull the octopus out by hand.

Once you have caught an octopus you can kill it by cutting off it’s head. If you want to keep the octopus intact you can stab it between the eyes. The legs will keep moving, even after the octopus is dead.

Next you need to tenderize the octopus right away. If you don’t the octopus’s flesh will become very tough. You really need to beat the octopus against a rock hard, for at least 5 minutes. This needs to be done whether you plan to use the octopus for food or bait. Every now and again a tourist will see this and post on some forum about how they saw someone beating a poor octopus to death. In any case now you know better.



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