Harry Potter Movie Set Locations that you can Visit

Harry Potter Movie Set Locations that you can Visit

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I, as have many, have fallen in love with the Harry Potter series of books and enjoyed watching the words come to life in the movies.

Many of the

scenes from the movie have been shot on locations scattered all over England. Visiting these locations can make for a magical journey for the whole family or lone fan, as the

case may be.

London Zoo
The snake pit at the London Zoo is where Harry first discovers his magical abilities. In the movie there is a python in the

display, in real life they keep a Black Mamba in there.

Kings Cross Stationplatform 3
Kings Cross Station is one of London’s major railway terminals.This is of course

also the station where Harry catches the Hogwarts Express. There is no platform 9 and 3/4. When the movies were filmed they used the wall between platforms 4 and 5.


the wall is quite solid, so do everyone a favour and don’t run into it.

Goathland Station, Yorkshire England
The Hogwarts Express then takes them to

Hogsmead ,which is set at Goathland station. The castle in the background has been edited in. Some of the town’s residents played extras in these scenes.
Lucky gits.

Goathland Station

The Dursley house
This is the house

where Harry lives as he grows up: Number 4, Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey, home of the Dursleys.Number 4 is actually a middle class suburban home in an ordinary

neighbourhood, 12 Picket Post Close in Martin’s Heron near Bracknell, Berkshire.

Alnwick Castle Northumberland
Many of the outdoor flying scenes were

filmed here. For instance the quidditch games and the flying lesson scenes. The flying car in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” entered Hogwarts through the Lion Arch at

the side of the castle.

Parts of Mary Queen of Scots with Vanessa Redgrave and Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner where also filmed here.


Alnwick Castle

Glenfinnan Viaduct

Glenfinnan Viaduct was constructed in 1901 in Gllenfinnan on the Scotish Higlands. The viaduct is most notable in Harry Potter and the chamber of Secrets.


Bodleian Library



The library scenes in Harry Potter where filmed here. Such as the scene where he sneaks in, to look for information on Nikolas Flamel.

This is actually part of Oxfort University.

Christ Church
Also located Oxford several of the scenes where shot here. The Great Hall was used

as the Hogwarts hall.The cloisters in this 1000 year old building was the setting for various scenes. For example the one where Harry is shown his father’s quidditch trophy.

They hold services here, so you need to time your visit around that.

Glouchester Cathedral
Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral
The cathedral

featured heavily in the third Harry Potter film.In the area you may also enjoy visiting Selsey Herb Nursery. They grows many of the herbs from the movie, Mandrake, Monkshood,

Wolfbane, Fluxweed and Beladonna.You can also visit the National Birds of Pray Center, home to more than 60 species of owls, eagles and hawks. They have an “Owl Experience Day”

where visitors can learn to handle and fly the creatures.

Lacock Abbey
The Abbey’s cloisters and side rooms were transformed into the classrooms at

Hogwarts School while the location was also used for Harry’s discovery of the Mirror of Erised,in which he saw his parents.

Diagon Alley


Cross Road in London was used as part of Diagon Alley, as was Leadenhall Market in London.


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