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Traveling with toddlers, without

losing your mind, is a problem which faces many parents. As we all know toddlers don’t handle being confined in a small space, for long periods of time well. If you don’t keep

their minds occupied they quickly become irritable and noisy. Toddlers also tend to be naturally curious. This can lead to all kinds of problems when you are traveling. You need

to keep one eye on them, at all times and stay safe. If your travels so far have been problematic, don’t despair; try some of these traveling with toddler tips.

Don’t travel alone: When you travel alone with a toddler there is no one to watch them when you go to the bathroom and you will have problems carrying your

luggage and the toddler. It is possible to travel alone with a toddler, but not recommended.

If you are traveling by air and can afford it, get business

or first class seats. This gives you much more space. Also go online before hand and get seats that are in the corner front or back of the plane. That way if your toddler gets

rowdy they will irritate less people.


Use CDs and DVDs to

keep your toddler occupied. CDs work especially well in the car. There are specific CDs targeted at toddlers and they love to sing along to the music. If you aren’t in the car

you will need a CD or DVD player, for them.

Toddler food: It’s a good idea to keep your toddler fed and hydrated during travel. However don’t go

overboard with the sugary treats. A pumped up toddler is no fun.

If you are traveling to a foreign country: If this is the case go to your GP and get the

shots that your toddler will need. You can find information on which shots your toddler needs at

Dress for travel: Go for comfortable

clothes, both for you and your toddler. Also remember to take all the necessities like diapers and wipes. Always take at least 24 hours worth of these items. Never leave home

without a tube of your preferred rash ointment.

Get some exercise: If on your trip you are able to stop and let your toddler run around a bit, do so. They can work out a bit

of their pent up energy and maybe get some sleep, later on during the trip.

Take a good travel toy along: Stuffing a bunch of their favorite toys into a

car isn’t hard. But if you are traveling by plane, space is an issue. My favorite travel toy is the magna doodle. It’s a board on which toddlers can draw, but instead of using

crayons they use a magnetic pen. This means there is no mess and once they are done with one drawing they push a button which clears the board.

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Thailand is a Buddhist country and Buddhists have many festivals. In this article I have narrowed things down to 10 large festivals.

It is worth

noting that that the Thai people are very enthusiastic when it comes to their colorful festivals.


The festival is held on the Eastern new year 13 to 15

April. This falls on the hottest part of the year, the end of the dry season. Songkran is a cleansing festival and it is celebrated by throwing water on people or shooting them

with water guns. Songkran is the largest Thai festival.

Kids with talc
The stuff on their faces is beige colored talc, mixed with water. Putting it on someone is considered a blessing.

Thailand International

Balloon Festival

During the Balloon Festival, they have a daily launching of a massive number of balloons creating  a breathtaking spectacle. During the festival their

are a number of concerts and firework displays. The festival organizers also have a tethered balloon, that takes visitors up for a ride.

Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival

The candle

festival is held all over Thailand, but the one in the province of Ubon Ratchathani is the largest. During the festival giant candle statues are paraded through the streets. The

statues are of Hindu or Buddhist mythological scenes.

The festival is held in mid July, the exact date depends on the Buddhist calendar.

Wax statue

Phi Ta Khon

This festival is held over 3 days.

During the first day they hold a

series of games and a procession. The participants in the procession wear colorful masks made out of rice husks. Be warned the costumes may have some sexual bits.

On the

second day they fire rockets and hold dance contests.

The third day involves listening to sermons from monks.

(From )



A Krathong is a decorative floating container. The container is made from the trunk of a banana tree or bread. The Krathong is decorated with a candle, banana

leaves and incense sticks. Sometimes people put a coin on the Krathong as a offering to the river spirits. You launch your Krathong on a pond or river making a wish as you do


During Loi Krathong beauty contests are held, they are known as “Nopphamat Queen Contests”.

Bun Bangfai Rocket Festival

During the first 2 days of the

festival they have dance, music, processions and folk theater.

Bunfai is held just before the rainy season. On the third day of the festival bamboo rockets are fired into

the sky. Launching the rockets is meant to help the rainy season and harvest.

The festival is held in the North East of Thailand.

River Kwai Bridge Week

This festival commemorates the 60,000 foreign prisoners of war that died, in the area, during the Second World War. The bridge itself was built by POWs and was part of the

‘Death Railway’.

During the festival they put on a show using planes, trains and explosives.

(From Grant Cameron)
(From Grant Cameron)

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya World Heritage Fair

This festival has a great location. It takes place in the Ayutthaya Historical Park which is a UNESCO

World Heritage Site. The fair showcases traditional dancing, lifestyle and music.

Lopburi’s Monkey Feast

The Monkey Feast is exactly what it sounds like. Chefs

spend hours preparing a large vegetarian feast. Then hundreds of wild monkeys come in and eat the feast until they can’t eat anymore.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

First let me say this festival isn’t my cup of tea. The vegetarian part is a cleansing ritual meant to improve the participants health. During the festival there are

ceremonies in which people pierce their cheeks with various sharp implements. So if you don’t like loud, bloody festivals stay away from this one.

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One of the most

popular ways to vacation in the England is to rent a holiday getaway cottage, as as an alternative to staying in a hotel. If you look at the prices you will find that renting a

cottage usually works out cheaper than the hotel room. When you rent a cottage in the UK though, there are certain things you should consider, doing so will make your UK cottage

holiday getaway a lot more pleasant and relaxing.

There’s plenty of methods for you to rent a cottage in the UK. You can work through an UK real estate agent, rent

through a newspaper or magazine ad, rent by using an English friend or relative or rent online.

Many families use real estate agents, however

they tend to be harder a bit more expensive and getting the information you would like, about the cottage, isn’t always straightforward, unless they have a good website. You

could also rent through a newspaper/magazine ad but, again, you’ll normally find the information you get is limited and with no feedback from other renters, you’re not always

confident about what you are getting. I tried renting through a colleague a while back and despite the fact that their taste was alright, I would not have picked the cottage

they recommended.

The best way to go is to rent through an online website. There are many to choose from, most have superb descriptions and photographs with clear details

about the location in which the cottage is situated, along with feedback from visitors. Ones that have rented the particular cottage you’re looking at.

When picking a

cottage the most important factor is it’s location. England and Scotland have some stunning cottages, but some are miles away from anywhere or in a moor. Make sure the cottage

you rent is near shops, public transportation, restaurants and a few local attractions.

Most UK cottages are pretty basic. Make certain, before you pay the deposit, that

the cottage has a kitchen, washing machine and dryer, linens and towels, that the beds are big enough, that it has telly with cable or satellite, look for one with parking (if

you are going to rent an automobile) and, also make sure that there’s a pub close by. This might not sound crucial but pubs have among the better and most affordable meals in

the UK and they are a fantastic place to meet the locals.

How come British Cottages do not have AC? – Americans tend to worry about not having air-con

whenever they rent a cottage in the UK. England is a pretty cold country, specifically when compared with most parts of the USA, with high temperature ranges in the summertime

running only 80 degrees in some areas. You honestly do not need AC in England. It’ll never get hot enough. Heating, on the other hand, you do need as it will certainly get cold



Staying in a cottage in the English countryside is a fun way to have a vacation as well as save some money. With cottages being

as cheap as £250 for a week (around $450) and hotels being more than double that per room, renting a cottage can be a much less expensive British vacation, particularly as

they’ll normally sleep two-six individuals.

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Kuala Lumpur is a large city and large cities are not generally child friendly. Kuala Lumpur however

is an exception to the rule. They have a diverse selection of family friendly attractions.

Firefly watching

Kids on boat

If you would like to go firefly watching Kampung Kuantan is the place to do it. Kampung Kuantan is

about an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur. The fireflies live in a mangrove forest, to watch them you need to arrive between 8 and 10 pm, then take a boat to the mangroves. It

really is a special experience, the fireflies make the trees look like Christmas trees.

You should also consider eating at the seafood restaurants on the banks where they

moor the boats. The food there is fresh and tasty.

The fireflies are difficult to photograph or video tape. The fact that you are shooting from a moving boat doesn’t

make it any easier.

Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park

The Butterfly Park is one of five parks and gardens that make up the Lake Gardens. The Butterfly

Park features 6,000 butterflies from 120 species. They also have a large collection of bugs from the rainforest. Just one warning: if you don’t like the idea of dead

butterflies being used as decorations, stay out of the gift shop.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

The Bird Park is also part of the Lake Gardens. The park

houses over 3,000 birds from 200 species. 90% of the birds in the park are from the region.

Petronas Towers

The Petronas towers are of course the

iconic buildings that everyone thinks about when Kuala Lumpur is mentioned. There are a few good child friendly attractions around the towers, but let’s first talk about the

towers themselves. To go into the towers you need to buy tickets on the concourse level, which is one of the lower levels. The tour goes to the Skybridge (Level 41) and the

Observation Deck (on Level 86) and the view is definitely spectacular.

Towers from underneath

Petrosains Centre

The centre is run by the same company that owns the Petronas towers. It is a science museum that focuses on the petroleum

industry. Generally I would not recommend science museums for kids, but this one really appeals to children. As you can see from the video below there are many interactive

displays that kids love.



There are many entertaining aquariums, what makes this one special is the touch pool. In the pool kids can handle bamboo sharks, horseshoe crabs and horned

sea stars. Being able to touch the animals really improves the experience for kids.

Berjaya Times Square

This building is truly enormous, it has

7,500,000 sq ft of built up floor area. Inside you will find a shopping mall with a thousand retail shops, 65 food outlets, 1,200 luxury service suites, the Berjaya Times Square

Theme Park and a 2D & 3D movie theater. There is more inside the Berjaya Times Square than anyone can experience in one day.

To see the indoor roller coaster and

theme park watch the video below.

Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum

There is nothing boys like better than a museum full of planes and helicopters. They can even get into the cockpit of

some of these planes.

The museum isn’t that large, it should take about 1 hour to see everything. On the plus side the air force museum is much cheaper than most

attractions in Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

This facility is a sanctuary for elephants that needed to be rescued. At the

sanctuary you can touch, feed, ride and wash the elephants. Some of the elephants are at the sanctuary permanently while others will eventually be returned to the wild. There

are around 25 to 30 elephants at the sanctuary.

If you aren’t going with children I recommend doing the working tour, instead of the standard one.

Riding on elephant

Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon is a water park. They have

quite a large number of rides.The park itself and the food you buy inside is relatively cheap. In my opinion it is well worth spending a refreshing, relaxing day at Sunway


Do you agree with my list? Is there an attraction that I should add to the list? Leave a comment below.

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Bali used to be more of a laid back surfer vacation spot. Over time it has evolved into a popular destination that caters for just about every kind of

tourist. Arguably, what Bali does best is, outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, rafting and mountain biking.

The peak tourist season is in August and September and

numbers also spike over Christmas and New Year. If you avoid these dates you will find Bali a less crowded and less costly destination.


Curious turtle Bali

Bali is a real paradise for divers from beginners who want to scuba dive on

a reef to experience divers who want to dive Bali’s wrecks. The most popular wreck to dive off Bali is the USAT Liberty. She was an US animal transport vessel that was

torpedoed by the Japanese. The crew beached the ship, but in 1963 a volcano put her back in the ocean.

Bali Safari & Marine Park

Having a look a region’s animals is always

worth the effort. This park has more than 50 species with most being regional and a few from Africa. Animals include Sumatran tigers, Sumatran elephants, white tigers, komodo

dragons, leopards and cheetah.

Bali Treetop Adventure Park

This is a botanical park with a number of rope walking courses. It is safe but can be a

bit scary. The courses vary in difficulty with many being suitable for children. The equipment is in good condition and the guides are friendly and knowledgeable.

Taking a cruise

There are a few businesses that specialize in taking tourists on cruises from Bali. Some of these cruises take tourists to the small

secluded islands that surround Bali. For a more quiet, relaxing cruise I recommend going with a wooden sailing boat.

Cooking Class

Bali has an

unique ethnic cooking tradition. If you enjoy cooking it’s absolutely worth taking a cooking class, to learn about the exotic spices Balinese use in their food.

Eating in Bali

The night markets in Bali are famous all over Southern Asia for their traditional outdoor eateries. Even if you don’t feel like eating

at a market, you should go to experience the smells, sights and noises of a night market.

When you eat out in Bali the food tends to be Chinese or Indonesian, authentic

Balinese food is rare. On a day to day basis Balinese eat vegetables and rice with a small amount of fish or meat. However, when the Balinese have one of their regular festivals

the food is far more elaborate.

Some of the restaurants do Bali nights. They will routinely prepare something like a suckling pig, which is a favorite of Balinese


suckling pig
I don’t know about the head

going down slideWaterbom Bali

This is a water park with 21 waterslides. It is

located in the middle of Kuta. The park is popular because compared to western water parks it’s much cheaper, the staff are friendly and the equipment is in good condition.

They serve tasty hot food in the park and it is also quite cheap.


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Hong Kong is better known for it’s fine dining and shopping  than for it’s child friendly attractions. If however you know where to look, it is easy to keep your family

happily entertained in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong sheltered beach

1. Beach

Hong Kong has a long coastline with many beaches and bays. They tend to be well sheltered with small waves.

2. Ocean Park

This large park

has activities suitable for both children and small children. Ocean Park can be divided into two main areas: the Summit and Waterfront , these areas can be further divided into:

Aqua City, Amazing Asian Animals, Marine World,  Whiskers Harbour, Polar Adventure, Thrill Mountain, Adventure Land and the Rainforest.

There is a lot to do and see at

Ocean Park, but let’s talk about Polar Adventure.  They have king penguins, arctic foxes (very cute), long-tusked Pacific walruses, spotted seals, snow owls and other animals

you won’t run into outside the polar region.

There are a few roller coasters and rides at Ocean Park, so you are sure to find one that you like. Check out the video of

one of the roller coasters below.

3. 10,000 Buddhas Monastery

The 10,000 Buddhas Monastery isn’t a real monastery. It was built by a devout Buddhist layman who spent the last part of

hist life constructing the temple and it’s approximately 13,000 statues of Buddha. One warning, a trip to the monastery involves climbing a lot of stairs.

4. The


The Peak also known as Victoria Peak is located on Hong Kong’s highest mountain Mount Austin. The best way to get to The Peak is to take a 7 minute tram

ride. At The Peak you will find a Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and Victoria Peak Garden. The Garden is a great place to take a walk or have a picnic.


The view from the observation deck.


Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

If you walk along the Promenade you go past the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the Hong Kong Space Museum and the

Avenue of Stars. You can read a bit more about the Avenue of Stars below.

If you are only going to the promenade for the view, I recommend going at dusk. The view can be

a little hazy during the day. The picture below was taken from the Promenade.

There have been reports of bad smells from tourists recently. I hope they sort it out

because the Promenade is a great spot.


6. Hong Kong Disneyland

Disneyland Hong Kong is western themed, but it has a lot of eastern influence seeping in. Compared to other Disneylands this one is smaller, but no less busy. In my opinion

the best way to enjoy Disneyland Hong Kong is to spend the whole day there. You can round the day off with their nightly fireworks display called Disney in the Stars. I also

recommend not doing it over the weekend, so you can avoid the crowds.

Disney Land Toy Story


Avenue of Comic Stars

The avenue is a 100 meter path with 24 fiberglass statues of local comic characters. It’s free and your kids will have fun taking their

pictures with the colorful statues.

8. Hong Kong Zoo and Botanical Gardens

The Zoo and Gardens are located on the northern slope of The Peak. It

is a larger Zoo making them able to house larger animals like Giraffes.

The part that’s known as the Old Garden has a children’s playground, green house, aviary and

fountain terrace.

9. Ride the Star Ferry

There are a number of rides you can take in the harbor. The Star Ferry is the best known, but it is a

little short. Which ever ride you take, just make sure you are on the top deck of the boat. The view on the top deck is better and it’s better to be further away from the


10. Avenue of Stars

Hong Kong has been a critical part of the region’s cinema industry over the last 100 years. The avenue features a

life size statue of Bruce Lee and many celebrity plaques and handprints.

If, however you aren’t interested in movie history it’s just a nice place to walk.