Things to do in Bali 2014

Bali used to be more of a laid back surfer vacation spot. Over time it has evolved into a popular destination that caters for just about every kind of tourist. Arguably, what Bali does best is, outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, rafting and mountain biking.

The peak tourist season is in August and September and numbers also spike over Christmas and New Year. If you avoid these dates you will find Bali a less crowded and less costly destination.


Curious turtle Bali

Bali is a real paradise for divers from beginners who want to scuba dive on a reef to experience divers who want to dive Bali’s wrecks. The most popular wreck to dive off Bali is the USAT Liberty. She was an US animal transport vessel that was torpedoed by the Japanese. The crew beached the ship, but in 1963 a volcano put her back in the ocean.

Bali Safari & Marine Park

Having a look a region’s animals is always worth the effort. This park has more than 50 species with most being regional and a few from Africa. Animals include Sumatran tigers, Sumatran elephants, white tigers, komodo dragons, leopards and cheetah.

Bali Treetop Adventure Park

This is a botanical park with a number of rope walking courses. It is safe but can be a bit scary. The courses vary in difficulty with many being suitable for children. The equipment is in good condition and the guides are friendly and knowledgeable.

Taking a cruise

There are a few businesses that specialize in taking tourists on cruises from Bali. Some of these cruises take tourists to the small secluded islands that surround Bali. For a more quiet, relaxing cruise I recommend going with a wooden sailing boat.

Cooking Class

Bali has an unique ethnic cooking tradition. If you enjoy cooking it’s absolutely worth taking a cooking class, to learn about the exotic spices Balinese use in their food.

Eating in Bali

The night markets in Bali are famous all over Southern Asia for their traditional outdoor eateries. Even if you don’t feel like eating at a market, you should go to experience the smells, sights and noises of a night market.

When you eat out in Bali the food tends to be Chinese or Indonesian, authentic Balinese food is rare. On a day to day basis Balinese eat vegetables and rice with a small amount of fish or meat. However, when the Balinese have one of their regular festivals the food is far more elaborate.

Some of the restaurants do Bali nights. They will routinely prepare something like a suckling pig, which is a favorite of Balinese festivals.

suckling pig

I don’t know about the head

going down slideWaterbom Bali

This is a water park with 21 waterslides. It is located in the middle of Kuta. The park is popular because compared to western water parks it’s much cheaper, the staff are friendly and the equipment is in good condition. They serve tasty hot food in the park and it is also quite cheap.


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