Toddler Travel Advice for Parents

Toddler Travel Advice for Parents

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Traveling with toddlers, without

losing your mind, is a problem which faces many parents. As we all know toddlers don’t handle being confined in a small space, for long periods of time well. If you don’t keep

their minds occupied they quickly become irritable and noisy. Toddlers also tend to be naturally curious. This can lead to all kinds of problems when you are traveling. You need

to keep one eye on them, at all times and stay safe. If your travels so far have been problematic, don’t despair; try some of these traveling with toddler tips.

Don’t travel alone: When you travel alone with a toddler there is no one to watch them when you go to the bathroom and you will have problems carrying your

luggage and the toddler. It is possible to travel alone with a toddler, but not recommended.

If you are traveling by air and can afford it, get business

or first class seats. This gives you much more space. Also go online before hand and get seats that are in the corner front or back of the plane. That way if your toddler gets

rowdy they will irritate less people.


Use CDs and DVDs to

keep your toddler occupied. CDs work especially well in the car. There are specific CDs targeted at toddlers and they love to sing along to the music. If you aren’t in the car

you will need a CD or DVD player, for them.

Toddler food: It’s a good idea to keep your toddler fed and hydrated during travel. However don’t go

overboard with the sugary treats. A pumped up toddler is no fun.

If you are traveling to a foreign country: If this is the case go to your GP and get the

shots that your toddler will need. You can find information on which shots your toddler needs at

Dress for travel: Go for comfortable

clothes, both for you and your toddler. Also remember to take all the necessities like diapers and wipes. Always take at least 24 hours worth of these items. Never leave home

without a tube of your preferred rash ointment.

Get some exercise: If on your trip you are able to stop and let your toddler run around a bit, do so. They can work out a bit

of their pent up energy and maybe get some sleep, later on during the trip.

Take a good travel toy along: Stuffing a bunch of their favorite toys into a

car isn’t hard. But if you are traveling by plane, space is an issue. My favorite travel toy is the magna doodle. It’s a board on which toddlers can draw, but instead of using

crayons they use a magnetic pen. This means there is no mess and once they are done with one drawing they push a button which clears the board.


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