Top 10 Things to do in Beijing 2015

Top 10 Things to do in Beijing 2015

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Beijing is the political heart of China and in recent years the government has been spending a lot to

make Bejing a showcase for the whole country.
You can get to just about anywhere in China by booking a short flight from Beijing.

Forbidden City

The Forbidden

City was the home of Chinese emperors for over 500 years. At the time it was the political and ceremonial centre of the country.

When you look at the architecture of

similar size construction in other countries they tend to make visitors feel small and inspire a feeling of awe. The Forbidden City’s architecture however was intended to

inspire feelings of balance and tranquility. This makes the Forbidden City a different type of experience.

Throughout the Forbidden City you will see paintings and

carvings of dragons. Another notable animal you will see is the Chinese lion. Two playful lion carvings are commonly put outside the entrance of an important building.

Forbidden City
Forbidden City



The Square is located in the centre of Beijing. Many people visit Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden city in one trip as they are near to each other.

National Museum of China
The building is located on the East side of the square. The museum can be divided into the Historical Chinese Museum and the

Revolutionary Museum.

Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao
This is where Chairman Mao is buried.

Monument to People’s Heroes

monument is in the middle of the square and features 8 large sculptures.

Tiananmen Tower
The tower use to be the entrance to the Forbidden City.

Great Hall of the People
This is where the China National People’s Congress meetings are held.

Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Square

YongHeGong Lama Temple

The Lama temple is one of the most impressive functional Buddhism temples in the world. The most notable attraction is a 25 m high Buddha carved from sandalwood.

Temple of Heaven

The temple was built in 1420 during the Ming dynasty. It was rebuilt and expanded during the 16th century.

Currently the temple is a park

that showcases Chinese religion, history and philosophy.

Temple of 

Temple of Heaven

Summer Palace

The Summer Palace is a 2.9 square kilometer area with palaces, gardens and lakes.

In fact 75% of the space is covered in water.

The Summer Palace is a notable example of Chinese landscape garden design that balances human construction and nature.

Chinese Lion Statue

Old Summer Palace

The ruins of the Old Summer Palace is located near

the current Summer Palace. To enjoy the ruins you should really read up on them. The Old Summer Palace was destroyed by British and French soldiers during the Second Opium War.

The Old Summer Palace features both western and eastern architecture.

The Great Wall

Currently the Great Wall is a ruin. People have been using the wall for

construction material and it has been overgrown with vegetation for centuries. The best way to experience the wall is to visit parts that have been restored and outside Beijing

is the best place to do that.

The Great Wall

Ancient Observatory

This is a

display that houses early astronomy equipment that predates telescopes. It’s amazing how much they could do in terms of navigation, tracking time and predicting the movement of

astronomical objects (for example predicting eclipses) .

Beihai Park

Beihai Park was constructed as an imperial garden in the 11th century. The garden features

many historically important structures.

They have traditional activities in the park that you can watch like making toffee, singing and dancing. You can also take a boat


Chinese garden in Beihai Park
Chinese garden in Beihai


Imperial Tombs

There are of course other imperial tombs, but I am referring to the tombs of the 16 Ming Dynasty Emperors at the foot of Tianshou

Mountain. Here in the suburbs of Beijing the emperors are buried with their empresses and concubines.

The valley with its rich soil and plentiful water is a beautiful

location for the imperial tombs.


  1. Beijing is a really beautiful place. It’s a pity that it has become so polluted in the last years. One of my favorite things to do there is to go hike the Fragrant Hills, which are some mountains that surround the city. There are also a lot of delicious Chinese foods to try there. Some of which have been listed in this post:

    Avoid people identifying themselves as “Art Students” and don’t enter any tea house recommended by random people on the streets.

    The best time to visit the city is either in spring or early fall. In the winter it can be really cold and windy and in the summer extremely hot. Anybody else has any other Beijing tips to share?

  2. Very nice informative information, Thank you so much for your article and i am going to visit this year to Bejjing. Thanks farnandes for your kind suggestion as well.


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